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Lyrical Errors

I Reek of Chic

Dress me up, wave me round,
Raise my flag before the standard's really down,
Tie me up, strap me down,
Spill my drinks, don't care what anyone thinks,
When I'm in town.

I deplore the bores,
Who want to take our worlds away,
Fawning little creeps,
Who want to colour our world grey.

Please don't stop my bottlejob,
I'll reek of chic tomorrow,
Positively reek of chic,
Positively stinking chic now.

Stand and stare, headlights glare,
People dislocating when we go most anywhere,
Nostrils moist, spoilt for choice,
We bring red to our jaded cheeks,
Give the finger with our voice.

The most notorious form of flattery is contempt,
Lordy, I declare my hair is so very unkempt.