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Lyrical Errors

How Far

It's all upto you, you can keep it all in if you want to,
And it's upto you, where you going, where you been?
Where you going and can you take me there too?

Ooh ooh, I wanna see how far,
Ooh ooh, I haven't ben this way before,
Oh-how how, In the front seat of your car,
Tell me baby, can we see how far?

Up here with you, taking the wheel, sit in the front seat,
We can do as we please, we can do what we like,
Just as long as...

I'll tell you what we'll do,
Jump on the train to Southend,
I've got some friends there,
Yeah, one or two,
I know there's not much there,
But at least it's something to do,
We can throw stones and drink beer
, Yeah I know we can do all that here.