• Hey Wire B-sides are 'Possession' (later included on the 'Asquarius' LP) and 'Purple Love Balloon' which was later released as a single in it's own right.

Lyrical Errors

Hey! Wire

I still find the sight of them hurting,
You and your circus of clumsy flirting,
I should be feeling glad,
But I'm feeling kind of sad,
My mind feels ten miles high,
Ten miles below,
My heart is still hurting.

You've put a spell on me,
My heart's under lock and key,
Please don't touch me with your eyes,
I can see through your disguise,
I don't want to share your throne,
Won't you please leave this guy alone?

Hey! Don't play that trick on me,
You're always cheating me,
You say you'd like another try,
Kiss goodbye that other guy,
I think there's more to this,
Than meets the eye.

Can we put an end to this fighting?,
Tears get in the way of my writing,
Smudging the subtle twist to my diction,
I wish these words were fiction,
My head, my heart, my soul, my mind,
To each other they are so unkind

My mind feels ten miles high,
Ten miles below, ten miles below,
And my heart is still hurting.

What this song is all about,
I can't work my feelings out,
Come inside,
Kick off your shoes,
You know you've got the power,
To paint red my blues.
First and second, third and then fourth,
Then go back to first again.