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  • A cover version of a song from the soundtrack of Russ Meyer's 1970 movie "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls". It was written by Stu Phillips.

Lyrical Errors

Find It

I turn my eyes to lunatic skies,
Oh when destruction, sunrise and morning empty,
Out my head,
I woke to find something to follow,
Something to find,
Something I borrowed,
Each day I wait,
They used to wait on me.

Find It!
I've got to find it,
Maybe behind it, there's someplace for me.
Find It! Find it! Find in me.

I need release from wanting you to satisfy me,
Enough today,
The time is too near when I'll be gone away,
Wearing a collar of white crimson,
Dressed in a long black wedding gown,
I've got to find the answer on my own.