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Lyrical Errors

Everything's Alright

I've been so rudely awoken, from my rock 'n' roll dreams,
Nothing in my life now is really what it sems,
Take a look outside, cold grey metal sky,
Wearing violence in their eyes, they were never meant to be so wild.

How does it feel at the end of the night?
Everything's right, you know that it's alright,
Head in the clouds, city at night,
Everything's right, you know that it's alright.

When you gently persuade me, can it mean everything's gonna work out fine?
I've been having trouble sleping the last couple of days,
The wallpaper's peeling, there's cracks in the ceiling,
Twenty-nine today, I think I've found my first grey,
Those cold lines won't go away, chrome always gives me away.