• "The Listening Bank" is a reference to the Midland Bank which became HSBC in 1992.
  • Mr. Dedicote was Cud's real-life bank manager at the Midland, who loaned the band 500 to buy their first van.
  • Cadfael is a fictional detective in a series of murder mysteries by the late Edith Pargeter writing under the name "Ellis Peters". TV versions have been produced of Cadfael stories.

Lyrical Errors

Everybody Works So Hard

We're the only band in Leeds,
Who don't smoke spliff,
We don't want to live in a land of if,
Everybody in this band has got to work hard,
'Cos if they don't me and William will give them their cards.

Everybody works so hard,
Everybody works so very damn hard.

Sitting in every night and day,
William's always shopping, jobs to do,
You'd better get an appointment,
Because he might not have time for you.

Stevie see here works on a farm,
Making sure the animals don't come to any harm,
He's the only one of us who still smokes dope,
But there's hope,
You know there's still hope.

Mr. Dedicote pays our way,
The Listening Bank has this to say,
Half a grand, and that's your lot,
I'll see you boys on Top of the Pops,

Martine says they've got to learn,
The less you work, the more you earn,
'Cos I'm slack and watch Cadfael,
Smoke three hundred fags a day.

I've left little Mikey to the last first,
But that doesn't mean he's the worst,
You never know compared to the rest,
He might quite possibly be the best.