• Named in an interview by Carl Puttnam as one of his favourite Cud songs.

Lyrical Errors

Epicurean's Answer

The stoic frowns and knits his brow,
The censor wants to stop us,
The critic hates my guileless prose,
My simple modern opus,
My cheerful, unaffected style,
Is everyman in his humour,
My candid pen narrates his joys,
Refusing to philosophise,
Epicurean, Epicurean, Epicurean, Epicure-ran.

Seek out the man who only knows,
Of love and naked pleasure,
Is he the man who would oppose,
The love of two together,
All hail the greek philosopher,
The great arch unsophisto,
Love is my life's only goal,
The cool cat epicuro.

Freedom from guilt I say,
Do as thou wilt that's what I pray,
Let's conquer senility,
With exploding virility,
And don't believe when your politicians,
Propagandise lazily,
Don't believe when the media,
journalizes hazily.

From the "When in Rome, Kill Me" LP.