• Eau Water, along with versions of Now & Robinson Crusoe, was originally recorded at Patchbay Studios in Leeds. This version features a brass section. It remained unreleased until William Potter provided a recording for incusion on the Not Exactly L.E.G.I.T. bootleg
  • The version of this song included on the Once Again 12" is a 'skiffle' version and features a kazoo solo.

Lyrical Errors

Eau Water

It's so cool,
It's so blue and I love it too,
Oh it's so cool, I want to plunge into you.

Eau Water

I want to drink,
I want to drink, some of you,
I want to taste,
I want to taste, some of you,
Undiluted I want to taste some of you.

Eau Water

In the sea, in the sea,
Naked that's how I 'd like to be,
I'd like to feel you, naked against me,
I'd like to feel you against me.

Eau Water!

Raucous live, Eau Water was performed many time before it was finally released, firstly on the "Leggy Mambo" LP and then re-recorded, unplugged and skiffle-style for the b-side of the "Once Again" single release.