Appears On...

Lyrical Errors

Do It Again

As I woke up, the trees were ringing,
Roll me over, in the clover,
I opened up the window, beckoned in a sunny day,
The male pig was singing, I couldn't hear one end to the other,
As the field stretched away

Ba ba ba ba baba bow,
Ba ba baba bow,
Ba ba ba ba baba bow,
Ba ba baba bow

I could see to my right,
Gently undulating,
Highly underpopulated,
Further the hills,
I could see to my left,
Some trees, their branches showing,
The first signs of green

This feeling seems overwhelming,
Delicious and infectious,
It's an experience that's new,
(but) How can I thank you?,

A movement behind me,
Nods and waves gently,
He smiles as he overtakes,
My yellow sunbeam estate,
Between our two engines,
Syncopated cylinder cycles,
My man-tackle on parade.