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  • A flexidisc featuring this song was given away to punters at the 1992 Christmas gig at Leed's Town & Country Club Venue.
  • Christmas flexidisc. Features some samples of a child's record at the beginning. It also has backing singers, compared to the previous attempt they really went to town!
  • "Byker Grove" is a reference to a BBC kids TV drama that was set in Newcastle, Mike's home city.

Lyrical Errors

Cud's Ode To Christmas Joy (Weirdy Beardy)

Santa, Santa, Santa,
You're so weird,
With your big red nose,
And your frizzy white beard,

Saint, Santa, Santa,
You're so weird.

Stephen don't eat meat,
He don't play drums in his bare feet,
Stephen eats lots of bananas,
Manana, banana, manana, banana.

William, William, William, Oh William,
Why are you so efficient?
With your rigid tempo, And your facts so magnificent?

He likes his herrings pickled,
And his salmon smoked,
He's a groovy guy we'd like to strap him on.

Oh howay man, with Mike you don't trifle,
If you do you might get it in the eyeful,
His favourite programme is Byker Grove,
Hark! I hear the sound of his musical trademark.

It's all happenin' on Christmas Eve,
That's when Santa's gonna freak you out,
He's comin' down your chimney man... etc...