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  • Features a harmonica played by long-time Cud roadie Mr. Gordon White who would later form the band Ket Kolomper.

Lyrical Errors

Brain On A Slow Train

My mind's lost in the maze of your mind,
I'm caught between my nose and your thighs,
Push ahead, don't stand in line,
Your taste serpentine.

My brain has taken a slow train,
All aboard, All aboard,
My brain has taken a slow train,
My senses gone, my senses gone.

Some sister sex and cold margaritas,
Silk Cuts and roll-ups, I prefer something sweeter,
??????? and lips(?) of my lychees,
Can't get enough of the taste of your raspberries.

The summer's gone, but there's still time for tripping,
Lazing and grazing and funky back flipping,
You told me you loved me, you worked on a farm,
Into the night, hot, cold and warm.

All Aboard!