• Included on the "Oh No Won't Do" EP, the first Cud release on A&M Records.

Lyrical Errors


Tell me what you dream,
I heard you're scared,
We're gonna run out of steam,
Tell me what you feel inside,
I can feel your tiny teeth,
True love can never hide.

I can taste you I want to see you,
I want to make you I want to feel you,
I want to touch you say how much I,
take my heart won't you put it with yours in a safe place at the bottom of the sea,
twenty thousand leagues and the mermaids will take care of me.

The things you say and do, you say you love me and then you'll say we're through,
I'm gone beyond your wildest dreams,
It doesn't happen but then you say its true,
Sunday morning I believe its you.

I can tell when you've been,
You leave your scent like a lover unseen,
Late at night, a ghost in your arms,
Under your thumb, under your skin,
We're both held prisoner of your charms.