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  • W.G.S. is derived from the initials of Cud bassist, William George Samuel Potter
  • Included on the b-side of the'Neurotica' release (all formats).

Lyrical Errors


To far out places in his mind he's been,
Though now the money's not too keen,
Maybe fandango now that's more his scene,
In far off pastures green,
Oh cheeky pop off the night begone,
Indulge no more upon,
The sight of such an innocent one,
Praying keep please begone.

Oh with 1.W.G.S.,
I'm asking you to take a guess,
With 1.W.G.S.,
Start to look and start to see,
What can this all mean to me?

More sheer Oscar oh than luminary,
Some things come naturally,
More venus flytrap than venus and mars,
White wings, white jet, white cars,
His correspondence answered ASAP,
Where on earth can they be?
Not to say he's not wishing on a star,
He just is we are.

Now listen to him, listen to him pray,
Deed emm tell him ray,
So tea and cake 'round this boy's pad,
Can leave you feeling glad,
On rope frayed he glides ???????
Bronze type buttocks ???????
For one so good,
Things can turn out bad,
Roll on sweet jungle lad.