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This website, initially called "What CUD Have Been", then '' was built by Gareth Senior in 1999. It was subject to substantial renovation in 2006 following a fire which gutted the "lyrics" section and partially destroyed the "history" area. The quiz and guestbook suffered minor smoke damage but were thrown away anyway because they were mostly shit.
After several months of the site being offline, Gareth genorously donated the files to CUD who now maintain it as the official CUD website,

All lyrics are subject to UK copyright law.

Artwork used in the design of this site comes variously from the hands of William Potter, Philip Bond & Glyn Dillon.

This site wouldn't have been possible without the enthusiasm and contribution of the dedicated Space CUDets, a Yahoo Group, in particular Rob Park, Bruce Lewcock, Iddo, John Relph, Karl Cremin, Kirsty, Ade Bamforth, Chris Griffiths, Al Ford, Mark Ransom and everybody who's emailed me over the years. Thanks people.

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