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The CUD Story, pt.9

Maida Vale(above) Outside BBC Maida Vale studios for the 3rd Peel session recordings.

Jan 26 13 Jan 1989
Live at Ipswich Town Hall

14/15 Jan
Happy with CUD's contribution to his Kinks tribute compilation,'Shangri-La' Imaginary Reocrds boss, Alan Duffy, wants to release 'Lola' as a single. Contractless, CUD agree and promptly record a B-side, 'The Day Crime Paid' at Woodhouse Studios, Leeds..

18 Jan
Live at London, Deptford Fountain

Despite the new cover version single, it's a bit of a low point for the band. Manager, Martin Baker unsuccessfully approaches The Princes Trust to fund a CUD LP! Mike reckons that a flop LP would be the last straw for him. Carl talks about moving to London in September. William considers joining him.

20 Jan
'Secret' gig in Doncaster for uber-fan, Dave's birthday (Fans, we spoil ya!)

26 Jan
Sell-out gig at Leeds, Duchess of York. Earnt £400! (flyer, left)

27 Jan
Newcastle, Broken Doll

9 Feb
Glasgow, Bucks
Some heckling and a glass thrown. Apparently this is par for the course at this venue.

Rome CD pic

11 Feb
Film 'Lola' video in Leeds and Saltaire, with mannequin.
Things are picking up again, with the good news that Imaginary Records want to release the CUD debut LP. There is talk of a two to three LP deal, even!

19 Feb
Record 3rd Peel session at London Maida Vale, (Only, BB cudn't C, a one-minute version of Urban Spaceman, Epicurean's Answer). Carl is suffering from a bad throat and is allowed to rerecord vocals on March 5th.

16 Mar
Wakefield, Players Snooker Club.

19 Mar
Huddersfield, Snakepit

20-27 Mar
Record and mix 'When in Rome, Kill Me' LP in Woodhouse Studios, Leeds with Alaric Neville and Richard Formby.
To make things interesting/difficult, the first side of songs is edited into a 'rock opera' starring Steve's landlord, John (Johnny Money) Farrell and Elizabeeth Cuthbertson. A vague storyline about the hunt for a woman named Bibi is pieced together. It doesn't really make sense.

Some song notes:
'When in Rome, Kill Me' includes recordings of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The title came about from a lark replacing the last phrase of a saying with 'kill me'. 'A bird in the hand, kill me', etc.

'Only (a Prawn in Whitby)' was originally titled 'Only a Day in Clichy', but was retitled after Martin Baker claimed to have seen vegetarian Morrissey eating seafood. (It turned out to be a lookalike.)

'Bibi Couldn't See'. Bibi was the myopic girlfriend of a fellow Fine Art student. She was perhaps too vain to wear her glasses.

Lola blue

Lola red

(above) Sleeve cock-up. The 'Lola' logo was obviously a Coke pastiche, so why was the initial pressing in blue and white? Ah well, it made it a rarity!

MM Lola piece

10 Apr
7" single, 'Lola' released.
Live at London, Drummonds (with 14 Iced Bears)

14 Apr
Nottingham, Old Vics Tavern

21 Apr
Carefree Sud, a stripped-down portion of CUD play a support to Crane at Leeds Palace, followed by an impromptu CUD gig, minus Mike (who'd gone home!) and with Jason from The Stairs on guitar.

22 Apr
Exeter gig

23 Apr
London, Camden tour begins!
Camden Falcon
24 Apr
Camden Dingwalls

25 Apr
Wolverhampton Poly (with The Membranes, who used our gear cause they were too lazy to get theirs out of the van).

4 May
Leeds, Duchess of York (again)

5 May
Ripon College

12 May
Ashington pub (with Crane)

13 May
Carlisle club (with Crane)
The night of one of William's worst episodes – borrowing Rob from Crane's bass, leaning it precariously against a wall where it slipped and broke off a machine head.

14 May
Newcastle, Broken Doll (with Crane and angry Rob)

17 May
Cambridge, Batman

23 May
London, Brixton Loughborough Hotel

24 May
Derby, The Dial

30 May
Norwich Arts Centre

4 Jun
After a invitation from a fan, CUD join Tina from Kippax for tea.

10 Jun
Manchester, Green Room (review, right)

(below) A typical Martin Baker press release.
Not even CUD knew all 20.

Manc review

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